IT Good and Bad Spots

Everything in life has good an bad things - there is no just win model - for sure there are things that are better than others but trade-offs will always exist.

What's the greatest things around IT?

There are several ones. The more I think I got into the *Framework Dilema* so what's the framework Dilema? It means as more as one constraint make it stronger it's also what make you weeak. 

Let's say flexibility its a strong advantage it also be the source of the weakness - this is the duality I'm talking about.

In my list, I would say IMHO: 
- Change - It's always changing 
- Constant Evolution and learning 
- Complexity 
- Build something 
- Culture stronger than practices 
- Delivery 

Change - it's always changing 

In software if does not change it means you are doing it wrong. That's such of amazing thing. Inspiring. In the other side of the coin it creates lots of communication and mindset issues. It's very easy to lost track of something - specially if it's a big company. 

More teams and isolation is awesome at the same time - it's easy to have people doing some mistakes all the time - how I fix that - you start with cops, them you get guilds and more to other static and financial groups as we'll. 

There is no regular group - what is great - but at same time people try to creat this all the time with commi, certifications, etc... 

Tools are often mistuderstud - people want a make tool so they can put money in and say wow we use Jira do we are agile or we have puppet so we are Devops - all lies - people want lies - make life easier. The true is that is not easy and take time and culture - the main issues is how big is this culture ? 

I don't like CMNI, I don't even think it's updated - the practices - on the principles most I consider wrong - so I don't agree with most of assumption - but they tried to get areas - even I don't like they areas. 

So you need a lot of things to get things write. Proper things like: 
 - OSS
 - Lean/Agile
 - Architecture / Service Orientation
 - Devops
 - Ongoing 
 - Coaching 
 - Leadership 
 - and so on and on....

Constant evolution and learning 

It means be humble. Always there is something more you don't know but you will know you need. 

Learning means - no easy easy answers - means if you get one thing right it means you still have another 20 to get it as well. 

Complexity is the new Boss

If you if ignore it will bit you very hard - it's like healthy Mindsets you might ignore it for 20 years and be okay - but the after the 30 it gets you hard. 

In other other IT it's easy to get corrupted since you need have desipline - but you know what it's like eating at the mc Donald's you don't realise until you weight 300 pounds. 

Build Somehhing 

Build wins. That's dated already. What's dod(definition of done)? Tested? In prod? More and more means more discipline - like automated, with fallbacks, stressed, etc... 

Validation in sense of test become a big thing now a day - so hell yeah we need build more code - but it needs be way better designed and architecture than what we have it now. 

Culture stronger than practices 

I always like practices but there lots of practices zelots today. I don't think anyone needs scrum now a days or daily meetings. 

There are so many miss reads - so drop it - focus on Continnous improvement and real changes - if does not have then Behavior it's bullshit that's the metric. 

If it does not change the code outcome and key visible aspects - it's bullshit. 

Delivery, Delivery, Delivery 

That's how you win. That's how you build trust - that's how you get people with proud. 

In It we need have better ways to delivey than just worries about pointless manager practices or useless schedules. Should we drop dates? No. Should we forget cost? No way. 

Be professional - deliver and improve it - don't it matter if is little - direction is more important than speed - but speed is important too so do cook to mutch :-)

Diego Pacheco

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