Drunk Call Anti-Pattern

Have you ever call someone drunk? Often is very bad idea. Everybody can say that, is not even hard to notice. Why is not hard? Simple because everybody knows when you are drunk your could not be yourself actually. 

The booze will make you not think straight, will not pay much attention to details, it's easy to loose control and not only make mistakes but loose the ability to do good calls - in other words make right decisions. 

This is called know-Knows, something you know and people know, also people know you know. :-) 

Drunk effect 

So now think you don't know you are drunk, and even worst people don't know either you drunk. You could have the same drunk effect but not being drunk - how that could possible be? 

Some stuff shake us - because we care or because a lot of reasons - in the end of the day does not matter if affect you - you loose. 

Stressed, pissed, nervous

If you got any of this feelings you could easily get the same drunk effect on worst possible mode(no body knows). 

Sounds like I'm saying you need to be feeling-less like no emotions what so ever - but this things are dangerous - I little bit of cold blood is actually a good idea. 

Decision making and making good calls is all about not being too much attached - be on control buddy. 

If you know is bad - get out 

You can't know lots of stuff before it happens - but you can reduce the pain - have less suffering and 1 is better than 10 right? :-) 

You don't need have a answer - avoiding  the drunk effect is 50% of the solution already. 

Getting good options are way easier if you not on the drinking effect - you have more chances to spot different things and try different approaches. 

When the sea is tough?

It's fine to that on the beginning - but when there is a shit storm? The storm does not get away if you freak out. The only way is waiting - there is no control - lots of moments in life require waiting without getting drunk. 

It's easy to go for the drunk effect but this won't make the shit storm go away. 

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