Spring Boot 2.x TestRestTemplate

Spring has lots of interesting features to make testing easier. There are many ways we can test our application. Often tests are about confidence but not only that tests are also about having a healthy and clean mindset for maintaining systems. For one reason or another there are migrations that need to happen, either for InfoSec remands or Business wants to have a better set of a new feature for user experience or simply the team wants to make the service right and faster. No matter the reason if you have a healthy set of tests your life will be much easier. The building is easier, maintaining system health requires discipline and tests are a  very important part of it. Today I want to show how easy is for us to write proper and yet lightweight integration tests using Spring Boot 2.x and TestRestTemplate. There is a simple application I wrote and also a video which I will cover the code with more depth. So Let's get started.

The Video

The Code



Diego Pacheco

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