Why you should consider Blogging

That's not the first time I write about writing. I recommend logging to Several friends of mine, not only because they are studying and doing interesting but because they experience matter. In my previous post about writing, I was explaining why blogging is super important for remote work and learning. There is a great relation with Blogging and Remote work with I capture here and here.  However, for this blog post, I want to capture other aspects that go beyond the basic reasons like Marketing and Personal-brand. So why you should consider blogging? There are lots of good compelling reasons for it. So Let's get started!

Sharing is Caring

Let me tell you one secret. Just because 10 and 10 years things change completely with new languages, technologies, and approaches it does it mean its the principles, and the basics are throw away completely. So There is lots of repetitions. Because at the end of the day it does not matter much the language, the company but the problems are all kinds of similar.  So blogging will help you in the future, you can bet on that. Life is dynamic so you might change job and capturing some earnings are really important for several reasons like - remember what you did on the past and also compare what you would do now, this is a great source of learning.

DevOps has several empathy approaches like ICE and CALMS. Which are about learning and sharing. Agile and Lean are about effective Learning. So Sharing is about doing proper Lean, Agile, and DevOps. So Yeah having a blog will hap with that, and will help your organization. Like Steve Jobs said once, Best ideas need to win.  How can you transform your company nobody knows what to do, so the good words need to be spread. 

Lots of engineers, I included, often feel something we call: "Impost Syndrome" which is supernormal, where you basically feel like a fraud, like not being good enough. So I guess the first feeling is always, I'm not good enough or I dont have cool stuff to say. You will be surprised IF I say to you that some of my big hits as posts are the ones more simple that I asked people OH you like that one but there is nothing special there.  Do not think just because you did not create a language or framework or are working with a Facebook scale that you dont have interesting experiences that can help people.

Thinking/Learning is not Linear

This is another reason why you should start blogging. See a video is not enough. Do a Udemy course is not enough. I dont know you, but I just feel I know something when I explain to someone and is clear and concise, them I know that I know.

Sometimes and often times this is a messy process, learning and thinking are not something linear. You read something, See a video, get practice, talk to others, and after some time you deeply get it. Writing helps to get things faster at least for me I think writing.

There are always corner cases and design flaws which are much, much easier to get spotted when you put this on "paper". But why should I blog about something I'm not sure, well in order to get sure. If you are learning how to swim and you stop trying because you know how to swim you might never learn it. I deeply believe if we suck in something you need to increase the practice and the frequency.

Self-Development: Face it out - Taking the bull by the horn

That's might be another block. I'm afraid people mock me or it's not good enough. Well, I will say comments are evil, just remove comments and you will be fine. Removing comments it does not mean people won't talk with you, it does not mean I dont want feedback, it just means you dont want trolls. I have strong opinions and I'm a very passionate person however I avoid as much as I can to have Flamewar discussions. So of the subjects, I cover often are HOT TOPIC issues and I try to do it in a balanced professional way but eventually, someone will not like it, Well people need to have the maturity, I can be responsible for lack of maturity from people, neither should you, so go there and write your stuff.

As scary at could look, sharing a blog post is like that 3s of adrenaline but as time pass you will see is no big deal. Sharing a post it does not mean thats your FOREVER opinion, only is your current thoughts and experiences which could change and are fine. 

Writing improves your communications skills, In order to be an effective architect / Leader you need to have good communications skills, writing will help you a lot. You want to learn English? Another reason why writing will help you out.  So don't be afraid, don't overthink, just start blogging today and as the time pass, you will see it will help you a lot.

Remember all great inventors used to have a personal journal, like a diary, I'm sure they would have a blog if was today times :D

Diego Pacheco

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