Running Multithreaded Redis using KeyDB and Dynomite

Keys is the default oss standard for K/V store for many use cases and solutions. When you need run low latency, high throughput IN Memory Persistence - Dynomite is your solution. I always wanted to have multi-thread support in redis like Memcached has. Now someone made it and call it KeyDB. The best thing is the fact that this is done supporting the redis RESP protocol, so all your tools, scripts and code using redis protocol directly still works. Another killer feature in KeyDB is the support for FLASH storage, only available on Redis Enterprise. KeyDB also supports backup to S3. For this post, I will show how to build and run KeyDB which is dead simple and also how to use it with Dynomite like it was Redis.

KeyDB Benchmarks

As you can see on the KeyDB benchmarks, KeyDB does 1.5x less latency and 50% more throughput. These numbers are pretty impressive. The best part is the fact that is all transparent.

Running KeyDB

Running KeyDB with Dynomite

See the Results

KeyDB running

Dynomite Running

redis-cli(via dynomite port 8102)

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