Vagrant: Ubuntu 14.04 with Docker 1.7

Boot2Docker is great however it has some limitations. For instance the OS is readonly and came with pretty much nothing, setting up a shared folder in windows is challenging as well as i showed on last post.  In this post i come to show something different and easier than the previous solution. You can use docker with vagrant if you are a windows or mac user this is better than use boot2docker because IMHO you can do it easily and with less software and you also gain a linux os with you can do stuff because is not read only. Let`s use Vagrant.

Setting up Vagrant

Vagrant will install virtualbox for you the vagrant installation is pretty straightforward, so after you download and install vagrant you just need run $ vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64
Vagrant will create a Vagrantfile for you. It`s a very simple ruby DSL, vagrant allow you to provision a machine using the most cool and modern configuration management / automation engines solutions like Puppet, Chef, Ansible and even Docker.

We will need edit the Vagrantfile in order to install docker for us :-) We also will setup a shared folder with windows, which is very easy, just 1 line of config. So Copy this content and you into your Vagrantfile

Setting up Docker and Docker Compose

Now we can create the machine and do provision with shell, i did not use any of the automation solutions like ansible because this is so straightforward and the shell works for this, however in a production scenario i really recommend you use ansible or chef.

You can realize there is a config for: config.vm.synced_folder this is who we create a shared folder with vagrant  and windows, you just need to have a folder called shared in the same directory you have your Vagrantfile.

The provision happens with shell script, most apt-get install commands, from line 10 to 19. This is happen just once if for same reason you want run them again you can do $ vagrant provision and vagrant will re-run all the shell commands.

You are ready to rock and have fun, now just run $ vagrant up && vagrant ssh
Vagrant will download and install docker 1.7 and docker-compose for you. On the linux machine you can run $ sudo docker run hello-world

Here we go with the inception

That`s all great but lets say i want to run a ubuntu container with docker, well then you just do $ sudo docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash 

Right, but now i want get that windows shared folder i have shared with my vagrant ubuntu linux 14.04 and i want share that with the ubuntu with docker inside vagrant? That`s piece of cake now, docker has the -v option you can map shared folders, you just need do this:
$ sudo docker run -v /home/vagrant/shared/:/home/ubuntu/shared -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash

IF you want all the files you can download from my git hub

Diego Pacheco

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