Setting up a full JVM Env with Vagrant: Java 8, Scala 2.11, Groovy 2.4, Clojure 1.6, Maven 3.3, Gradle 2.4, Sbt 0.13 and Lein

On the previous posts i show how to use docker, docker-compose and nodejs with vagrant now let`s do a full jvm env :-)

This setup is pretty easy and straightforward for you however it could take some time depending of your internet bandwidth because we gonna download several components.

Remember you need to have Vagrant installed already, this time we gonna need more than just the Vagrant file because java, scala, clojure for instance require we setup environment variables so we gonna need change some files for clojure and sbt  in order to make everything work smoothly.

What Languages will be installed?
What Build Systems will be installed?

You will need to use this vagrantfile, here i do all the provisioning necessary to have this components installed and proper configured ready to you use and have fun.

As i said you will need custom bashrc file and also a script to run clojure all this file you can get on my github here: look for the conf directory.

Now we are ready to run $ vagrant init && vagrant ssh 
Vagrant will download and provision all installations we need, as i said this cloud take some time.

Diego Pacheco

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