The issue with DevOps certification

DevOps is hot. We know that because a DevOps certification just popup on the pas weeks. Claimed by the DevOps Institute(  If you pay attention is very similar to the scrum certification and the devops community already start to wondering if this would be really possible to certify someone of doing "DevOps".  You can take your own conslusions checking out this link here => . You can read Sam Newman blog post here . So this raises all kinds of questions like what you think is DevOps or how easy is to make sure people are doing it right or worng and what would be the assessment criteria for the cert?

DevOps is about culture

You can teach culture but its hard. So culture will change from company to company, is very hard to have a kinda of standard culture thing for everybody. Unless this is getting back from the dead the old CMMI process-oriented ideas.  So lets say you have a kick ass culture and what share if people, like spotify did it here and here how easy would be to get your company around this?

Of Course you can have commons elements into your company culture, things like agile, lean, good principles and values of course but how to you say people are certified into this? Right you found a way to say this, what value this added for you? If you got a certified master devops what that changes for you? could you spawn devops process into companies?

It`s a matter of time

Software is something hard, very hard. It took decades for the industry go came to the point we are today with devops, so imagine your company still doing CMMI, command control management, micro-management, OPS Ticket firewall, so how easy would be to move from that to 2015? I dont think you can do this in 16 hours.

For me is like a brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt thing. Takes time, you need a experienced master and you need practise this for years, and you know what, you always learning. I really belive you cant get this so quickly. You might get very good information and people with experience teaching you but how much of that you would be able to take it? 1-10% maybe?

Here we go again...

I hope this does not end in the same way scum or cmmi ended. People keep doing the same mistakes over and over and over, IT industry looks like is always suffering from poor memory or people still does not have a clue about whats doing on.

Diego Pacheco

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