Learning how to Learn

Sometime ago i was wondering why people sometimes get stuff faster than others. Besides the time that every person have i belive there are some key thing if you do will definitely speed up the quality of your learning.

What i see is lots of developers just doing a kinda of shallow learnings or studies. Its like i code 1 thing with java 8 using a filter and streams and i assume i know java 8 and thats it. Most of this came from the lack of deep structure learning. Nobody wants take a master degree to be able to learn something but for sure most of times what people are doing are not enought.  It`s hard to say when is enought in sense of learning but at least we should cover all things that matter.

I will learn when i get the project

I see lots of later study culture around developers, the problem with this is you might not got the project or the job, so is better get the some kinda of knowledge earlier tham later. We are at 2015 the number of technologies, frameworks, libraries, eco-systems, architecture models is really brutal so we cant just wait for the project to start learning and getting new method and approaches to problems.

How could i do it better? The Basics

  1. What is?
  2. For what should i use?
  3. Why should care?
  4. How it works?
  5. 3 good reasons to use it or good things
  6. 3 good reasons to not use it or week spots
  7. How this FIT into a ECO-System?
  8. What are the success cases?
  9. Why people often look for this?
  10. Who did it? Why? 
how to Getting better insights? Go Search for...
  1. Go Read the Official documentation
  2. Go CODE feature by feature
  3. Go into Slideshare and look for people presentations
  4. Go into youtube and looks for videos
  5. Go into Stack Over Flow and look for failures, issues and people talking bad about it
  6. Go talk with people in events about it
I hope this get you some cool ideas how to improve your tech studies into something you can apply this into anything like java, lean, git or whatever :-)

Diego Pacheco

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