Sketchnotes a lot of fun

In 2013 a friend of my showed some ideas around taking notes, drawing, doodling, visual facilitation back on the time i was in India.

Today i`m at Barcelona and i had the opportunity to have a 30 min talk from him, was quite fun and i appreciated a lot. So thanks for the talk and the books Tony.

The most cool think was the fact that you can do a very simple thing we often stop as we grown, that is drawing and is fun because it keep you very active and this could be very useful in meetings, conferences, talks, etc...  Another awesome property of this is the fact that you can easily get rid of noise and distraction and thats really good.  I had lots of fun doing it, this weekend i was doing some train travels to know some of cities around Barcelona like: Montserrat and Tarragona and i was practice some notes(granted i still need find a good precision pen) but i could have fun and keep me very focused another great thing, amazing how we got focus doing this. :-)

Here are some cool stuff:

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