Driving fear out through passion and patience

If you want do something why dont you do? Most because there is fear around your, sometimes this fear is real other is not, in business fear will always happen and for some stuff you do you always will need to be careful.

Some organizations or systems are more complex and political tham other but you need be very careful because sometimes things are not impossible as we think they are.

Is easy to see things as worst as they are because we fell safe this way. So how we overcome fear? For me is a matter of passion and patience, first of all you need to love what you do otherwise you wont be able to drive any change, secondly still talking about you passion you need to be yourself.

Passion is magnetic

People often listen to passionate people, because we want that, because is in or very nature i think could be our artistic side taking control or something like that. Thats why because of pitch a company could be founded now a days and chance the world,  if you think about it, its true? A Pitch is just a passionate speak about some ideias. So people by this and get money because not only the ideas but what you can do around that ideas so there is a sense of faith in your passion.

Patience, Patience, Patience 

Bigger the prize, longer the fight. You will need to have patience, nothing chance as short tern, so great stuff will only happen after times goes by. I would say is a never ending stop battle since in companies and life people keep going, you get new people in your work and life how often? So you are dealing with something that is alive. Thats why organizations are some complex and so hard to change because if hard to keep things alive.

No matter your culture or beliefs there are things we can do world wide. Like: Appreciate a simile or a good piece of code, or team work or a beautiful software interface that works. In the end we are not so different but we need to keep  and keep doing what we belive otherwise it dies. So what you want todo become a cause and if is good cause you might get more people to follow your cause and you need to infect they as a virus. More people you infect with this better, more chance you have to make things happen.

You need to Start and Keep the Cadence

Instead of complain go do one small thing to help things to go a better spot. After you do that keep doing that every week. That`s how we can change stuff with rythin, like a song you need keep the jam otherwise it gets ugly.

I belive as human beings we have a lack of creativity. Because why there is people motivated and people demotivated on same spots? I guess is a matter of perspective and faith, not only faith the persistence to keep pushing into a direction. Fear is often trigger when you try todo big things, thats why baby steps are so important because with small steps you dont have fear is easier to overcome stuff.

Very often our perception is worst than the really. So sometimes is just a matter to find something small that can work and keep trying the thing you want todo or change. You can change people minds you can make they belive you, but did you belive in your self?

Not sure if you do belive in your own ideas!

Do you really belive in your ideias? If thats is true, what are you doing? How many people do you talk every week to change stuff? how many different things did your tried? I made several experiments in my life. But i notice when i say something to people sometimes they got afraid but if instead of saying i DO with they together they fell better and they are able to overcome fear. So was that hard on the beginning? Well thats the thing FEAR makes things worst them they actually are.

Most of great ideas and startups i see now a days are around very passionate people who keep pushing into a direction or a vision they had. Maybe your idea is not that solid, so you could be talking to people outside of your office to get it into a more mature stage or you could be doing small experiments to see if things works as you think they worked.


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