Walking Dojo

I always did unconferences and coding dojos with people i do Coaching. So this time i tought about doing something different. So the ideas is do a unconference talk without computers or slides and do that walking since is spring in south of Brazil and the weather is great :-)

This photo you see is the cover of the event i created. This was very cool because as guys working with software we are always doing things with computers(thats great) but with that we dont stop and something is great to stop and relax and talk about ideas. The ideas was that everybody had to talk and was a simple walking conversation about some cool subject that have some links between each other. We did 2h walking and talking thats was amazing because we did 2 great things, 1 talk about ideas and 2 walk so was good for our mind and health as well. :-) So this is the first post that will explain some of the things i create as a coach, you can see the whole index here: Coaching Catalog.


Waking Dojo: Walking / Talking Unconference withouts LTs

How to use?

Use that as a way to keep making people learn and study about subjects, you can use with any subject i use it with big data, consumer, services, motivation and data. So you ask people to read and study this topics and ask they to think about this subjects. Them you do the walking and talk about this subjects, on the end of the walk you the a coconut water and do a retrospective about it :-)

Problem that try to solve?

* Learning at work
* Relax
* Make people do different experiences
* Improve Heath

What i had in mind when i came with this?

* Do something different
* Enjoy my city
* Make developers talk and thing
* Improve conversations
* Take benefit of the things around my company office
* Show people how simple things can make great experiences

You can see some photos of: Uzina do Cosometro and old historical building in my site where we did the walk.

So 3 things i got on the retrospective when we did it. Next time we should use nike running or Strada or this iphone/android software to get metrics where we walk and how many kilometers did we made. Second we shall walk away from the cyclist we almost made an crash :-) Last but not least we forget to take photos and make short videos. We will improve it next time.


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