Growing people through Feedback

Feedback can help people to get better if you use as such. Feedback is often a vision based on your own experiences, so if you dont have great vision often could become just a opinion, what the problem with opinions well they may very depending on your humor.

You get better feedback if you feedback process is based on Lean/Kaizen in other words it means you have a culture of continuous improvement with no blame, no pointing finger and learning.

If You dont have the right culture around feedback could just be a form of trade of politician manipulation.  You do provide better feedback to people if you try to wear they sues and think about they on they experiences. You will have success most likely if you help the person to figure out whats going on with her/him. Feedback is about self-awareness, people from outside maybe have a better vision of our problems but that does not mean they know what is the solution.

Feedback Culture is Broken

IF You be honest in your company you could get fired. Thats because blaming is the mainstreaming culture at enterprise basically in most of companies. Talk and listen does not mean 100% agreement with everybody it means listen to people and all ways make sure best ideas win it not means become a 100% democracy where everything is voted because that could create a mess.

Give something back

Say whats is wrong is easy, because often people dont need to really think if is wrong or right often they just could talking about how they feel and thats does not mean the problem is on the other person(so called projection). So is easier to avoid this if you always provide some tip, technique or way to fix the issue, thats also put the listener into a respect mode because you will endup seems as someone that helps instead of someone that just complain.

Feed no Back!?

Thats means just saying stuff to people, like this is a comment. The problem is that wont make people change and learn from what is being sent to they. So feedback primary could be seems as an attack or just as an different opinion, in order to make this work correctly you need have active coaching mechanism in your team to fix the wrong behaviors with right attitudes and ways to seem stuff.

Once you get it? But if i dont get it?

Well them feedback becomes addictive, you want to receive feedback and you want to give feedback to people and them is where you win, its where the respect is present and as individual or part of a team you take things seriously thats the zone where you want to get to.  But i dont get it? Most could be the frequency one retrospective per year does not work, year performance reviews does not work you need have something every day, every week, every month thats how you get it right, with deliberate practice.

The Wrong Attitudes

People could react in different ways about problems and opportunities. Sometimes people just get quiet and do nothing. After sometime they could be just complaining and one day they quit. This people need help because they cannot figure by thyselfs how to fix the system. System could be broken but only because there is few people fighting to fix it. Is like a fire, you need UNION to extinguish, if you just have one fireman the fire may win... But several people fight the fire you have great chances to win.

Spread the virus

What is the virus? STOP complaining, start changing, start giving feedback to people, start choosing to change, start changing your behavior and doing something to fix the problem them you need make sure you can infect one or 2 people if the do the same one day you will be into a better stop.

People do not grown alone, they need each other to grow. If people are not helping each other they are taking the worst from thyselfs. no matter what people do for you whats matter is what you will do for they.


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