Cloud Development Kits are becoming very popular. Terraform, Cloud Formation, and many old solutions in the sense of infrastructure provisioning support CDKs. All infrastructure provisioning started as an OPS-ish thing, and often developers/engineers were far away from that. Terraform did a good job of being declarative for OPS and being simple and easy for developers. However, today there is a push to have provisioning happening into multiple programming languages such as Python, Javascript/Typescript, and even Java. Mainly to be more developer-friendly and really on the power of established programming languages. There are a bunch of CDKs popping up nowadays. However, CDKs have a price, code generation, and underlying complexity. Today, I have a slide cast and 2 code demos to show you CDKs more detail and compare them with standard solutions like Terraform. Let's get started!

The Video

The Slides 


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