Hibernate Reactive with Spring Boot 2

Reactive programming is not a new thing. Thanks to reactivex and rx-java it's a reality for almost 10 years. There are other implementations like Project Reactor and even Vert.x. However, for Databases, we are still not there. Some databases have better support than others like Cassandra and Redis have decent support in drivers but JDBC and JPA are not quite there yet. Hibernate just went reactive. There is a hibernate-reactive project now(still beta 1.0) but looking promising. So today I want to share some simple POC I made to make Hibernate Reactive work with Spring Boot 2.x using webflux: using Netty of course. So I made a video going throught the code and explaining how it works. I personally worked with all sorts of persistence on the last +17 years on technology but not an ORM fan nowadays. However I always appreciate performance and better APIs, so I think this is promising even if is for legacy application modernization.
The Video


The Code

Diego Pacheco

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