Agile Coaching Materials

I'm working with Agile methods since 2006. In this last +10 years, I learned a lot about Agile Principles, Lean Principles, DevOps, Lean Startup, Lean Discovery, and much more. Today I want to share 4 pieces of training I did from 2010 to 2013 which I compressed in 2 videos. In these videos, you will see agile principles, lean principles, coaching techniques, agile coaching techniques, and tools and also experiences and lessons learned in this +10 years working with engineering teams. Fortunately or unfortunately the videos are all in Portuguese, the slides are in English but the videos dont :(.  I hope you guys enjoy and have fun and hopefully learn something that you can apply in your time. These videos are focused on for those who are tech leaders, managers and agile coachs who want to learn more and want to know how I operate with my teams.

Agile Coaching Part 1

Agile Coaching Part 2

Diego Pacheco

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