Using Multiple profiles with Minikube

Kubernetes is the new Linux. K8s is the spec for the multi-poly cloud world. Running k8s could be very resource intensive, so is always a good idea being able to run things locally. For several reasons like Engineering Productivity, Tests and Experiments and so on and on. If you are working with Istio like I'm, you might realize it's a bit heavy to run local, especially if you do have other things running on k8s.  Minikube is the goto solution for local kubernetes clusters. However, as I said before, it can get pretty heavy when Istio gets involved. So the solution is pretty simple, it not much advertised. Minikube has a profile feature which allows you to create multiple profiles. Each profile will be a 2GB DISK VM created in Virtualbox. This is great because now you can run multiple kubernetes versions and multiple clusters doing multi experiments. IMHO is always great to have a k8s cluster ready to test things so I have multiple profiles like istio, lightweight, tests, etc... The first time you create the profile takes some time, up to 10min worst case but after the profile created things are super fast.

Running Multiple profiles with Minikube

Diego Pacheco

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