Running Ansible with Docker

Ansible is a great provisioning tool. However, it can be painful to get some ansible scripts right. Especially if you need some stuff with bash and Ansible. Often baking time in AWS can be pretty high. So It's better you can run ansible locally. However, running ansible local could mess up with your OS. So the best thing is run ansible in Docker. Since the docker container will be ephemeral, once you finish running the container all changes will be lost. You also will benefit from running locally and being able to figure it out quickly whats wrong.  So today I want to share about some simple project I create in order to help to do that. This is called Ansible-Docker this is an ansible sandbox using Amazon Linux.

Getting Started

In order to get started, we need have docker and git installed. Next, we need to git clone ansible-docker and then bake it. Bake just need to happen 1 time. Baked might take some time depending on your internet connection. After baking you can run "run" command which will run ansible linter and then ansible on docker image.

The Ansible Project

For this ansible sandbox, we have simple and default ansible project structure. Which you can see here on the src folder.  There is main.yml which is the file it will be run by ansible. You can see this file delegates to a git role in ansible which is located in roles/git/tasks/main.yml

The Dockerfile

Now let's take a look at the Dockerfile. So here are installing Ansible and we are using Amazon Linux Latest version as our base Docker image. As you can see on the Dockerfile we call which will run ansible as soon as the container get up. You might see a different path that happens because I'm doing some volume mapping - You can check it out here.

That's it. Now we can run ansible locally with ansible-docker. Using this ideas and scripts you can speed up your development time.

Diego Pacheco

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