Dynomite Eureka Registry with Prana

Dynomite it's a great solution for clustering with NoSQL Databases like Redis. Eureka is a nice Registry & Discoverability Solution.

We can get best of both worlds using Prana. Prana is a sidecar that enables non-JVM applications to register in Eureka.

Sometimes we could easily use multiple discoverability solutions like DNS, ETCD, Eureka etc... However not all discoverability provide the same benefits some tools are better suited for some jobs them other. I like ETCD and make sense onKubernetes world but if you are doing Java Microservices eureka makes more sense.

The triad(Eureka, Prana, Dynomite) is great, This is great because then you can do discoverability on your database nodes, this is not great for several reasons like:
  • Use the same tool for Registry / Discoverability
  • Enable all sorts of dynamic programming which is great for DevOps Engineering
  • Avoid AWS Throttling issues
  • Make dyno clients more dynamic and this is a better solution them DNS like route53
I made a simple video with a simple presentation and live demo how to do this work on the server side with Dynomite 0.5.9. I hope you enjoy, have fun.

Slides from the presentation

Update: After talking with a Netflix Engineer, I got some new information about the state of Prana which can be found here. If you are using Dynomite-manager you should let DM do the Registry for you so there is no need to use Prana. For DM case you check this out. IF you are using Dynomite without DM you can still use Prana however you would consider DM in case you are running on AWS.

Diego Pacheco

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