Experiences on Ubuntu Gnome 17.4

I update my Linux from Ubuntu 16.4 LTS to Ubuntu Gnome 17.4 - Now I'm here sharing my experience.

Ubuntu Gnome is Ubuntu with Gnome. This is the latest version of Ubuntu Gnome since Canonical announced they are killing Unity - next year Ubuntu will come with Gnome by default.

Gnome is clean and nice but....

I always like Gnome over KDE since Gnome was always cleaner. However, I had issues with my GeForce graphics card so the fix for me was to switch to LighDM a lightweight version of Gnome. You can see there is so little difference, the biggest difference is on Login UI and also when you block the PC.

Here are some screenshots.




FileSystem explorer(Nautilus)

Another Headache

apt-get was slow and update-manager too. So there is this nasty issue with IPV6. Where you can do this to fix it.

Still Slow... 

Also had to disable tracker-fs and them the installation got really fast.

Installing Other programs

Here is how I installed most of the basic programs I use....







You also can see this everywhere: -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true this is way to disable ipv6 in line so you don't need to disable for everything.

Final Thoughts

Besides this issues with apt-get and update-manager / NVidia-graphics card and the issues with tracker-fs, it's all good and I'm glad to update it. The UI is better than the previous one and the performance is also great(after some fixes).

Diego Pacheco

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