Some fun with Memcached

Memcahed is a K/V store. Its fast pretty much all operations are O(1). Memcached use Threads(Async and non-blocking IO) different from Redis with is single-thread. Memcached does not have a cluster, its a farm, some concerns like Replication need be handled by the clients or 3rd party application, nodes on the farm don't talk o each other so there is no GOSSIP. Memcached has few key/set operations in comparison with Redis. Redis have several. Some clients have the concept of the master-key / sub-key based on this it can locate what server has that specific key. Often keys are smaller than 250 chars and objects smaller than 1MB. Memcached if used for a lot lot of scenarios like: Profile Caching(Social Networking), Page Caching(HTML), Ad Targeting with cookie / profile tracking, Session caching for games and entertainment its pretty much for caching.

Installing, Configuring and Running

Diego Pacheco

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