Is Scaling Agile Just About Process?

There are many agile frameworks that try to handle the task of scaling agile to many teams or multiple products. This week I was reading this article on CIO about this matter.

What a realize is that most of agile frameworks at scale are based on old principles like: process, communication and tools. How is that different from RUP? New practices but old principles all goes down to standard management principles. 

What's missing? INHO 3 things: Culture, Leadership and Software Architecture. Scaling agile looks like a management problem is part is true but is more than that. 

Culture is everything it's what will make things clue together, you need have leadership to stablish and build the right culture but more forgotten than any thing people forget they are scaling software not only people so you really need a architecture that allow you do this. That's where SOA, Microservices and APis join the party. If you don't have an architecture that allow multiple teams works I different products or services you will have serious synchronization and bottlenecks. Spotify got it, LinkedIn got it and others did your company got it? Or you have 100 people doing branchs and merge on same code base? 

When people are things in a more lean leans - looking the whole system things will start getting better. 

Diego Pacheco 

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