Endurance: The Missing Attitude

Complexity is the center of the universe today. Many things are important to have success and archive great results in life and work.

Endurance is a attitude that is missing. Actually when i look people that got great results - all these people had endurance. Good things dont come easy, people talk a lot a about several attitudes now a days like entrepreneurship or creativity but they are focusing on the wrong sides of the attitudes.

Nothing great comes fast - So what is the point of sprints? We need test ideas quickly and throw they away right? thats our lean startup FAST FOOD mindset right? I`m saying that wrong but IF you belive in something, in a vision, in a direction you will need endurance.

So Shallow  - So Breath  - So Sad... (Going Wrong Way)

That`s  the current business / success mantra. Be quickly, try and give up, NEXT!!!!  Volume is the new master, the problem with that is so things are not fixed or improved with this mindset, thats the big side effect. How you will have endurance now a days IF you are not following the trends? There is too much trends, too much noise and bullshit actually. Have you think about going slower? Less things? Going deeper into something looks so wrong now a days - thats something we need change. The hidden value around endurance is faith. You need have faith and will power - them you can get close to Endurance.

Crazyness => Madness (Diamond Process)

It`s easy to miss read endurance and got craziness that potentially could lead to madness :-). For a outsider point of view is craziness. Keep pushing into a direction with no results. Thats the second big shit people need make - Do not care about short terns results - Long term commitment is better and its the only way.

Everything is meant to be short tern today - Long term is about time and about process. Process? Like CMMI or plan/tasks? No. Process in sense of improvement. Its like a diamond you need work a lot from Crave X tot a beautiful diamond. So whats is important is always keep improving, keep making it better - little by little.

Learning how to Support the Pain

I wish i had this before. Thats the 3rd big thing in this post. You need learn for to suffer to support the pain - is a process where you stop pain to much attention where is not that a big deal - you endup saving energy for the real big battles you will have.

Once you re-state your self and say I WILL MAKE IT, I CAN DO IT, so be it. You know that will always have problems and after the problem will always get better - this make you stronger to go on and on and overcome everything.

In case of Fire => Decoupling

Emotional Resilience is not easy. Always will be hard. In case of issues, do not let this issues affect your other stuff, you need have boxes in your brain, like:
  * Work Box
  * Study Box
  * Fun Box
  * Family Box
  * etc...so on and on...

Do not let on box mix with the other box, this is simple yet not easy but as more as you try todo this you will see you can do it its possible and benefits amazing. As a software architect i always belive that coupling creates shit - NOW i see i was right not by software but by life and other matters as well.


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