Whisky Engineers, please!

Whiskey is great booze. Besides that it has a property called maturity, so basically in this concept as old it get as better ir gets. So you have 8, 12, 18, 21 etc..  This is well recognized and people value that.

Software development is more see as shit cheap Brazilian wine, you dont need better than 2 years old and actually if you let ir go older than that it got rotten and start getting worse instead of better.

In Brazil Y career are very popular and basically like in all parts of the globe everybody wants to be a manager.  Whats the problem with that, well for me none but its create some effects. In this life good things came with time, dedication and learning you dont great an awesome whisky in 2 years you need a least 12.

Tell me how many developers you know that ave +15 years of experience in the field? It`s sad, as you start getting some level of maturity you are totally pushed by the system and need stop coding and spot being technically. Because people tend see code is not a great activity why? it`s not because its code its because is operational and people tend to think need need move tactical and strategical inside a company as a measure of progress, i think this is bullshit.

The wolrd needs Whisky Engineers

The world is getting more and more complex, competitive, dynamic and this requires better and better software, thats not trivial, so we are throwing away experienced guys into dust just because a vision, a vision that its wrong and you are not getting developed. Really? The most cool and innovative things i sow in the filed came from very experienced developers like: Kent Beck, Hitch Hickey, Martin Fowler, they are not 25 anymore :-).

There are great advantages of being old and do something for a long time, like rock bands its take a least 10 years to get a good one. Software happens the same thing you want get it right? keep doing it, keep trying keep improving, dont give up.

Lawyers, Dentists, Plastic surgeon , what they have in common with you(or should, or will)?

People pay for expertise PERIOD. people pay for better lawyers based on reputation and belive me there are plenty of lawyers in this planet maybe more than developers. Some happens with dentists, plastic surgeon you know, people wait and pay more for some people because they are better and they know more thats is something lots of people can appreciate. Thats not happening with software but i guess one day it will happen.

I know some french restaurant in town that has just 2 guys working, and there are HUGE queues waiting to get a dish there and you have no idea what so ever when you gonna be eating and thats is fine, why? because is so good is so different that people do, thats against the normal things. if you think thorough here in Brazil people have waiting specially for restaurants.

Value Proposition on Business Canvas

People don`t see value in software, thats not completely true. Its kinda of half true, i tell you why, now a days software is at the core of every fucking thing and still how people could still do things like waterfall, no architecture, bad infrastructures, etc... how could possible be? well because there is plenty of software company and this is some NEW to everybody software dont exist for 500 years.

One day this will be matured, maybe not now, but i think one day will be and people we see it actually makes a difference who is doing thing and know is doing things and yes people will see this and will be a clear value proposition and will pay for it.

Where are the Senior Receptionists?

Unfortunately i never ever met a senior receptionist. most of times 1 or 2 years they got promoted and go do something else if they dont get promoted they are seeing as being not skilled, not good workers and they ideias could be right but also could be very wrong.  Because is the system pushing up wherever it means whatever it takes, people dont have a profession anymore they just climb the corporate ladder. Thats fine, its a free world. But the true is we love great work well executed with passion and matured professionals.


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