1. Follow process that doesn't work

This is the first item on my hate list, and the one I hate the most.

First, there is a common bullshit sense that people often say "If you don't have process you're not mature". I deeply believe in craft and software craftsmanship. It was a surprise for me when a friend on mine showed me that yes something before software the idea of "Software Factories" sucks. There is no way to produce software in large scale like cars, because software is about learning not building.

Generally speaking all this came from the wrong metaphor- software is about building - and people just don't understand what is software development. So there is this rush for process standardization, fetish for paper, assurance and other nasty habits. Maybe is possible have CMMI and still not SUCK(there is a lot o people in agile development talking about that) i just still think that is hard and waste of time. We can do better and cheaper with less than 5 years. The idea of "stamp" for maturity model is crap and an offense for human intelligence.

The Second reason for process that doesn't work are still in place in that they miss the PDCA cycle. No one is thinking  about the process, and how improve it as the situation needs. What i like about Scrum and XP is the retrospectives, helping the team to improve as whole and to change the process accordingly. In the end is an long way to reach lean.

Sadly people still building software by non-software methods and marching to their death, project by project all failing by cost, time, quality or lack of innovation and great results.Using Lean Thinking, all this is just pure waste. All of it must be all ripped down to the ground.

Now, For the people who just do analysis based only in results and try to justify themselves by saying  "My process works, and i deliver software..." i just say keep doing like the boy...

This is what happen when you manage your company based only in numbers, kpis, goals(metas), - all consumption - and forget some basic principles like healthy(code quality) and justice(Also QA without code is bullshit, this is one of the reasons why cmmi 2 sucks). Process that don't allow innovation just suck, and if you spent one year without major change in process your process fail.

In my mind map, the root of all evil is the Brazilian IT business model, followed by the sales model. Just pick ant one, they are all the same: lack of innovation and still thinking it's the 19th century. The model only considers resources and people as one of those resources. They think they can scale companies based on hiring people on the outsourcing model.... People are no resources like food and water!

Stay tuned for more posts in my journey.


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